GPS iMetrik Units: Ideal Auto Tracking Devices for Car Dealerships

Why should auto dealerships and car rentals use GPS auto tracking devices?

Like home loan companies, auto dealerships need to protect their investments as long as they continue to hold a vested interest. GPS auto tracking devices make this possible in ways it never has been before. The benefits of using GPS auto tracking devices on lease or rental vehicles is fairly obvious: GPS tracking devices eliminate the risk of vehicles being stolen or lost, and allow unreturned vehicles to be swiftly located. Auto dealerships employing GPS tracking devices to monitor new or used financed vehicles benefit in two primary ways.

  1. Vehicle theft protection. When a vehicle is financed, a customer's loss is also the auto dealership's loss. GPS tracking devices enable the dealership to quickly locate stolen vehicles and return them to their owners.
  2. Payment delinquency or default. When vehicle owners refuse to make payments, the auto dealership has the right to repossess the vehicle, and without GPS tracking, this can be both difficult and costly. GPS auto tracking devices enable auto dealerships to not only locate delinquent vehicles in real time, but also payment delinquency warnings and starter interruption.

What special features to iMetrik GPS tracking units offer?

iMetrik GPS auto tracking units provide a number of state-of-the-art features which help auto dealerships reduce the cost of managing payment delinquency. Lease or car rental companies greatly benefit from iMetrik GPS' real time, location mapping and intuitive web interface features.

Smaller GPS tracking device size for discreet, virtually undetected placement. Real time location tracking and mapping 24 hours per day, 7 days each week. iMetrik GPS recovery units include features for payment delinquency warnings and, if owner continues to be delinquent on payments, a remote starter interrupt. Online interface which allows dealerships or rental companies to manage location history, group vehicles and search for specific vehicles.

Ready to invest in GPS car tracking for your dealership or rental company? Shop for iMetrik GPS auto tracking units online now.

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